Jan 21, 2014

Mrs. Sneed and I just trekked up to southern Nevada to do a couple of days of bicycling.  It was great, but the drive to and from is a slough.   Two hours to Phoenix and then 4+ hours through the desert with only Kingman, AZ to break it up. 

On our first day we rode the River Mountains Loop, which is 34 miles, beginning in Boulder City, NV, through Henderson, down to Lake Mead and back Up to Boulder City.

Just to the right, out of the frame, is the middle of nowhere

A fellow in the parking lot at our start suggested that it may be a bit hard on two oldsters like us when we had to climb the 1200' from Lake Mead back to Boulder City.  He turned out to be right.

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Steve Reed said...

Well I'm glad THAT didn't stop you! :)

The Bug said...

Whoa! You guys have a lot more gumption than I do!