Jan 3, 2014

Back when I was a working stiff, I used to hear people say that they are more busy in retirement than they were when they worked.  That mystified me when I was on the outside of geezerdom.  Now, I sort of get what they mean.

I'm not really busier these days, but I definitely find ways to spend my time.  I think it has to do with my life being less structured since I don't work.  I have more time to think about what I can being doing.

What the lovely Mrs. Sneed and I have been doing this past year is bicycle.  In fact, we biked over 4000 miles in 2012.  Not that we are keeping track or anything.

This past fall we spent a couple of weeks visiting New York City and taking a cruise up the east coast to Canada and back.  It was a lot of fun.

We had hopes of seeing the Book of Mormon while in NY but it cost more than sensible people should pay.  We took a guided bike tour of Brooklyn one day, wandered around Central Park another, rode the Staten Island ferry in a gale and rode the subway all over.

 This may be the greatest police vehicle ever.  We saw this in St. John, New Brunswick.  American police agencies may have Hummers and tanks, but St. John has the perfect vehicle for low-speed chases. And who doesn't prefer low-speed chases given a choice?

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Steve Reed said...

That IS a great police vehicle, though I suspect it would only be effective in a place like New Brunswick (which I know nothing about but I imagine is a somewhat low-speed city). Sounds like you've had a busy year! The Book of Mormon is TERRIFIC, but I know what you mean about cost -- Broadway tickets are ridiculously expensive.

Steve Reed said...
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The Bug said...

Oh my word - I didn't realize until I read Steve's comment that you meant the PLAY, not some actual historic book. That's what being married to a historian does - takes away all sense of current pop culture :)

Sounds like you guys have had a great time! I got a bicycle this past spring, but I'm not riding it now. I refuse to put chains on my bicycle tires!

alphabet soup said...


You're back.

4,000 bike miles!! No wonder the blog was resting last year. That's a a lot of pedal pushing but it's a great way to see things at a reasonable pace and to keep fit.

Ms Soup