Feb 1, 2014

The internet of my days.

Some people believe that the great social divides in this country center on rich/poor or the rising immigrant population.  Maybe they do, but for me the greatest divide is between those who have only known the information age and minimal customer service skills and those of us from the olden days.

We might have been badly informed back in the day, but we weren't clueless.  As nearly as I recall, anyway.

This is an actual conversation I had with a kid in an auto parts store the other day.  I was in need of a key, among other things and the store didn't have a blank for the key I needed..

Me:  Do you know of a locksmith shop in the area?

Kid:  Do you have a cellphone?

Me: Yes.

Kid:  You can use your phone to locate one and it will give you directions.

Me:  I don't have a smartphone.

Kid:  If you can find a phone book, you can find a listing in the yellow pages. Look under locksmiths.

Me:  I just thought you might know of one here in your neighborhood.

Kid:  I'm not from this neighborhood, I just work here.

Me:  Thanks.

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The Bug said...

Ugh. I don't have a smart phone either. Sometimes I wonder if the purpose of the smart phone is to take all of the smart out of you & store it in this small device :)

Yes, I can be a curmudgeon too!

(Although frankly if we could afford it I'd snatch one of those puppies up in a heartbeat - I'm always wishing I could look something up when I'm out & about)

Steve Reed said...

Oh, brother. You should have asked the kid to look one up for you on HIS smartphone. Apparently that never occurred to him!

alphabet soup said...

Apparently there is no need to be clued up these days Merle. You don't have to know anything or remember anything - it's all there on your cell phone.

Ms Soup