Dec 31, 2010

You would think that the experience of pain, suffering and hardship would be more or less the same for people, regardless of their locale or station in life.

Let me clarify what it is I mean, because obviously being a Linsay Lohan in rehab is not the same as an actual human person in rehab.  

Hooterville had cold temps and rain mixed with snow yesterday.  The mountains got a couple of feet of snow and down here in the valley, we got flurries.  Since our town is at 2600 feet in elevation, this is not a sign of the apocalypse.

Based upon the local media reporting, which I hasten to point out is, LIVE, LATE BREAKING and LOCAL!!!!!, one might have assumed that we were suffering under the same conditions as most of the Eastern US, buried in snow, with municipal workers all pissy and refusing to plow.

Our overnight low was about 25 or 26 degrees, which is as cold as it gets in these parts. In most of the country that is called winter weather.  In Hooterville we are urged to, TUNE IN TO KOXX, CHANNEL 8, OFTEN FOR THE LATEST DEVELOPMENTS!!!!

(Insert clever segue here).

One of our star basketball players from our local university team, had a really good game yesterday.  This despite having had two wisdom teeth pulled a week ago.   According to the local press reports, he "manned up", "pulled through", overcame", "fought past" and some other stuff, to accomplish this grand feat.

I'm sure this was painful for the lad, but people get their wisdom teeth out every day.  Not the same people everyday, of course, but different people everyday.

Way back in 1969, I got my wisdom teeth pulled on consecutive lunch hours.  I was working on a utility line crew and didn't have sick leave, so my crew dropped me at the dentist and picked me up an hour later, mouth packed with gauze.  Mine, not theirs. 

Next day, same deal.

There must be a corollary to Maslow's hierarchy of needs here.  When things are otherwise okay, we elevate the mundane to the dramatic.  Or something.

Remember, there will be more than the usual number of drunken idiots on the road tonight.  So be safe and log on to for breaking updates. 

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Kurt said...

There is no Do you plan to have it up and running tonight?

The Bug said...

I'm with Kurt - how can I know what to do without your website being up? :)

I had a friend in college get her wisdom teeth out & play in a softball game that afternoon. I, on the other hand, got an infection & swelled up like I had mumps. I have a very attractive picture to prove it. I milked that experience for all it was worth & accomplished zero for several weeks. Which was only slightly less than I usually accomplished.

Reya Mellicker said...

Holy cow. When I had my wisdom teeth removed, my face swelled up so much I looked exactly like Richard Nixon. I was down for the count for weeks.

Some of us are much more wimpy than others. That would include me. xx

Happy new year!

e said...

Happy New Year to you and yours, Merle. I hope you had a lovely Christmas!

My memories of wisdom tooth extraction mostly involve excess bleeding and my mother packing my mouth with wet tea bags since the tannic acid was said to stop bleeding...not really sure about that. Luckily, the worst was over in about a week.

As to checks, I still use those but hope to go paperless this year.

Anonymous said...

Way to "man up," Merle.

Barbara said...

You were much braver than I was on the subject of getting wisdom teeth removed. I insisted on being knocked out and pampered afterwards. There was no going back to work after the ordeal and definitely not a repeat performance the next day.

I hope 2011 is a good year for you!

Megan said...

My dad kept his wisdom teeth in a jar in the garage for many years. I wonder if he still has them somewhere?

Megan said...

FYI, I have a new location. It is here.

Anonymous said...

yes, he still has them.