Dec 27, 2010

, my favorite example of unbridled excess, is running a series of commercials in which they assert that no one ever wished for a smaller holiday gift.  The meaning evidently is, that only an idiot would ask for a three-piece adjustable wrench set, when he could have a Lexus.

If that was true, wouldn't people who want new cars for the holidays, wish for Mack trucks instead of a Lexus?

And what about the commercials in which some schmuck gets a surprise car for Christmas and is sorely disappointed to find his neighbor got a Buick?  I hate when that happens.

Speaking of cars, there was an article in our local paper about the Tesla Roadster, Tesla Motor's $125,000 all-electric sports car.

It seems that Arizona is home to a Tesla sales rep. Yep, right in Phoenix.  The rep has been making the rounds here in Hooterville to gen up interest in the Tesla Roadster among the locals.

The reporter who wrote the article wanted to make sure Hootervillians understand that, Because of its hefty price, the Tesla attracts mainly affluent buyers.  Glad we cleared that up.

Lastly, I schlepped off to my bank this morning to deposit my  embarrassingly small hardware store paycheck (see previous post).

The lady manning the service desk greeted me with the news that they now offer home deposit of checks!  Be still my heart.  Wait, not too still, just kinda still.

All I have to do is to scan both sides of the check and send it to them.  Woo hoo!


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Kurt said...

Sounds easy, but always ends up taking half the day.

Perpetual Chocoholic said...

I haven't gone to a bank in years.

The Bug said...

"Be still my heart. Wait, not too still, just kinda still." LOLOL - now that's funny :)

I want a Prius. I keep asking my dad for one for Christmas, but he just doesn't take the hint. He has one he could give me - doesn't he need a new car already?

fifthelephant said...

There are a few people at my work who opt for live checks. Then they complain about the long drive to the office to pick it up.

this is annie btw, incase you didn't see my previous comment about moving.

Barbara said...

Maybe Ace will consider automatic deposit in 2011. The rest of the business world has proved that it works. Those like my father who would never trust his paycheck to anyone other than himself to deposit have long passed on.

Love the photo of your next generation. They are growing up!

Bella Rum said...

Scanning? Cool!

Those grandkids are so cute.