Jan 5, 2011

 Our good news of the day comes from Texas, where Cornelius Dupree Jr. has been released from prison after a 30-year mistaken stay.  Mr. Dupree was convicted in 1979 of a rape he steadfastly denied having committed. 

Hey, that's what they all say, right?

Dupree even turned down parole, rather than falsely admit to the crime. 

We're not falling for that trick.

DNA evidence has shown that he didn't do it. 


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Kurt said...


The Bug said...

I read that story. Apparently he had a "partner in crime" who may also be exonerated (he was exonerated for this particular rape, but he was also convicted on another one). It's just really scary. I'm a middle-aged white woman so I'm probably safe from profiling - I would hate to be a minority in this country!

mouse (aka kimy) said...

stories like this are 'good news' but they usually leave me feeling a bit enraged ....how could mr. dupree and his family ever get back the "life" they lost...30 years is no small miscarriage of justice.

oops indeep!

happy new year merle!!!

been scare visiting of late, but am caught up and one of those resolutions which will not be named is being a better bloggy neighbor in the ol' bloggyhood for the new year!

Bella Rum said...

I saw this story while in the dentist's chair - drill grinding away. A television was mounted in the ceiling above the chair. I was sedated at the time, but I still gave a thumbs up.

Anonymous said...

30 years.