Aug 14, 2010


Two babies were waiting in the baby factory, ready to be born.

"I think I will select that couple from Seattle in the United States," said the first.  "They will call me Justin and I will be very happy."

"I am going to pick Jose and Maria," said the second.  "They live in a lovely little town called El Arenal, in Mexico.  I think I can be quite happy there.  I hope they call me Miguel.

The first baby thought about that for a minute and decided that he was making a good decision.

"My new family lives in a big house by a lake.  There are other babies going there, so I will have children to play with.  Plus, both of my parents work in good jobs, so I will have all the stuff a baby can want.  I will grow up to be an important member of society and have a happy life."

The second baby thought for a moment about what his companion had said.

"I will have many tias and tios nearby my casa.    My abuela will live with me and  seven brothers and sisters will follow me.    Jose is a farmer, so we will have much to eat.  What a happy life it will be."

And so it came to pass that each baby was born and joined his family.

Justin lived a happy life.  His family always had what it needed and he grew to a be happy man, content with his life.

Miguel's father worked his small plot to provide for his family, but with too many mouths to feed, eventually he had to go North to find work.  Each week, he sent home money to provide for his family.  Miguel missed his father, but was proud of how hard he worked.

Periodically, no money would come and Miguel worried that something had happened to his dad.  But invariably the money would restart and Miguel would understand that his dad had lost his job or been sent back to Mexico by the authorities.

The day came when Miguel was able to join his father in the US.  He dreamed of a time when he could send for his mother and siblings.  If he worked hard and followed the rules, he believed it was possible.  They would be together again and it would be a happy life.

Poor Miguel, if he had only thought to pick different parents, how easy life could have been.  But, that never occurred to Miguel, he was working hard to provide a better life.

Things in this blog represented to be fact, may or may not actually be true. The writer is frequently wrong, sometimes just full of it, but always judgmental and cranky


The Bug said...

I love this. We don't get to choose, do we? And we have to do what we can to survive...

Kurt said...

I picked white parents.

Megan said...

I like you, Mr. Sneed. I like you a lot.

Mustang Sally said...

Your story made me stop and think. I thought to comment I would add this long and convoluted metaphor but now that I'm here I think I'll just echo Megan. I like you Mr. Sneed. I really like the way you think.


dennis said...

Dennis doesn't remember his parents. Dennis too, agrees with Megan . Dennis loves You.

Steve Reed said...

Bravo! :)