Jul 3, 2010

After a week of being cooped up, the Lovely Mrs. Sneed has reached stir-craziness.   This morning we decided to try to find a wheelchair for her to use, so that we might get out of the house, like regular folks.

Her health insurance would cover this, but she can't see her doctor until next Thursday.  Not to mention that it is the 4th of July weekend, so, even if we could get a prescription for a chair from the doc, most joints are closed until Tuesday.

If this was an actual city and not Hooterville, that task might have been as simple as going to a retail store and buying one.  In Hooterville, it is not that easy.  In Hooterville you can either go to a medical supply place and pay twice the price, or order a wheel chair off the internet and get it in a week or two.

I was struck with the idea of checking Craig's List and I found several chairs for sale.  I called the first two numbers and no one answered either call.  So, I gave that idea up.

I finally located a small medical supply that was actually open on Saturday and a very nice woman named Ellie was able to rent us a wheel chair for a month at a very reasonable price.  All's well that ends well.  Mostly.

Later I got two phone calls from the Craig's List people asking if I had called them?  They saw my number on their caller ID.  Don't you hate that?  I do.

If I call your number and you don't answer and I don't leave a message, you can assume that I misdialed or I don't need to talk to you.   Calling back to tell me that someone from my number called you just pisses me off.

In honor of Mrs. Sneed, this little video.


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Bella Rum said...

So glad you found a chair and that Mrs. Sneed is getting out and about.

Barbara said...

Great idea to rent a chair. You never need most of that ridiculously expensive equipment again (if you are lucky) and it just takes up space and reminds you of a time when you were not so mobile.

Sounds like you get an A+ for "spousal care." I'm sure Mrs. S would do the same for you. We bought into that "in sickness and in health" line, didn't we?

Happy 4th to both of you!

Merle Sneed said...

Happy 4th to you and everyone, Barbara.

The Bug said...

Poor Dr. M - he's a much better caregiver than I am. I sure hope he doesn't have a serious issue that requires that I help take care of him! You are a jewel to Mrs. Sneed I'm sure - & I'm glad you were able to arrange to spring her for a while.

Megan said...

Sometimes the salespeople here will give people the 800 number. So when someone calls in, we transfer them to the salesperson's cell.

Ninety nine times out of a hundred, the salesperson, instead of answering the call and / or listening to the message from the person who wished to speak to them, will call us and say "I got a call from this number."


Cheers to you for persevering and getting Mrs Sneed mobile!