Jul 5, 2010

So, how did you spend your 4th?  Mrs. Sneed and I  went to Target and to the grocery store. Then, we sat outside until about nine and called it a day.  Try to top that.

We flirted with the idea of going to a baseball game and sitting in the wheel chair area, but decided against it. Good thing, too.  The team set an all-time attendance record, so it was a madhouse.

The Megalopolis that is Phoenix has poached all of the major league teams that held spring training here and our Triple-A minor league team was sold and moved to Reno.

The move to Reno was precipitated by poor attendance, a result of US Rep. Raul Grijalva's (D-Az) insistence that the team's new ballpark be built in a politically correct area of town.  After all, the less fortunate deserve an empty ball park as much as the more affluent, so he gave them one.

Now, in our town we have what is barely professional baseball.  Independent league ball, two steps below Bull Durham baseball.

An independent league player earns on average $1,200 per month.  Alex Rodriguez, the highest player in the major leagues, makes  about $3,000,000 per month or 27,500 times more. 

Independent leagues play without any affiliations with the major league teams.  Our team plays in the Golden Baseball League, a league that includes places like Chico, Ca. and Yuma, Az.

It is wonderful brand of baseball, though, a game played by guys with a small chance of moving up.  In fact several are on their way back down from the big time.  One of our team's pitchers appeared in the 2001 World Series.

Our team, The Hooterville Toros, plays at an old ballpark in our central municipal park.  They are doing very well attendance wise and they provide a great family experience, without the soulless whoring that is major league baseball. 

I found this video that was made recently about the Toros ballpark for the Golden Baseball League.

But nothing any of us did on the 4th can top the fireworks Debra F. of our fair city unleashed.
Debra and her boyfriend were chillin' at his place when some bad sh*t happened.  One thing lead to another and Debra left in a huff.

Determined to have the last word, Debra allegedly called said BF and allegedly threatened to burn down his mobile home.

BF being no one's fool, raced outside to check the perimeter of the homestead. Unfortunately, the alleged threat had become an alleged reality.  The joint was ablaze.  Like most mobile home fires, this one ended quickly and badly.  The home burned down and Debra is in jail for the 5th.  

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Barbara said...

Sounds like intentional arson to me. Debra deserves to be in jail. There are some real stupid-ass people out there these days.

It sounds like your brand of local baseball would be so much more appealing than the American/National League style that comes with a lot of baggage. I love it that older players obviously like the game so much that they continue playing at a greatly reduced salary on such local teams.

The Bug said...

Well, she must have been REALLY mad. I imagined she's cooled down some now.

We had a quiet 4th up at Lake Erie. We went out to our hotel's dock around 8:00 to get seats for the 10:00 fireworks. It was really nice sitting there on the water. And then a drunken party of about 8 folks arrived - but it was almost firework time by then so we weren't around them long enough to be annoyed.

Kurt said...

I was in Kennebunkport, Maine for a wedding.

Steve Reed said...

Re. Debra, I'm guessing some mind-altering substances were also involved.

I haven't even heard of Independent League baseball. I wonder if that guy who played in the World Series is depressed about his career spiral, or happy to be taking it easier??

Megan said...

Wait a second. I know I commented on the last post. Dint I?

How is the lovely Mrs S? I'd bring her a casserole or something if I were within bus distance. And if a casserole would be at all palatable in Hooterville in the middle of July...

Bella Rum said...

Oh, Debra. Not cool hon.