Jun 30, 2010

 Things are chugging along here.  Mrs. Sneed is in considerable pain and being more or less confined to the bed has got to be a bummer.  We try to get outside in the morning and in the evening, but it is the hottest part of the year now and it becomes uncomfortable quick.

The ACLU has issued a warning against travel in Arizona over the 4th of July weekend.  According to the ACLU there is a danger of racial profiling and baseless arrest.  Even though I don't think that our new law is the way to attack the issue of illegal immigration, I think the warning is just a publicity stunt.

And now, a Some Guy Named Bob update.

I sent the Seafood King a text telling him that I would not be playing golf Thursday because of Mrs. Sneed's injury.  He returned my text, wishing Mrs. Sneed the best and letting me know that he would pass the info on to SGNB.

Yesterday, I noticed that I had a voice mail from SGNB.  He asked that I call him, "as soon as possible", standard SGNB urgency.

SGNB:  So, you're not playing Thursday?
Me:  No.
SGNB:  Okay, the Seafood King told me that.
Me:  Yeah, I sent him a text.
SGNB:  I already canceled our time.
Me: Why the hell are you calling me then?

I actually only thought that.  what I said was, "good".

SGNB:  Can you play next Thursday.
Me:  I'm not sure yet.
SGNB:  You probably can.
Me:  Maybe,
SGNB:  I'll call you.

Glad we cleared that up.

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Kurt said...

Old dudes need their golf time.

Reya Mellicker said...

Poor Mrs. Sneed! Hope she is soon on the mend.

As for a guy named Bob - wow.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

glad to read that sgnb is so concerned about mrs sneed.

healing and cool vibes your way - hugs to mrs sneed

Bella Rum said...

Very sorry to hear that Mrs. Sneed is still in pain. It's been in the 100s and high humidity here till yesterday. Suddenly it dropped to the 80s and the humidity ... well, I guess you could say it evaporated. God, it's gorgeous. Wish I could box it up and mail it to Mrs. Sneed.

Barbara said...

And what about "Best wishes for Mrs. Sneed's recovery"? The golf course is still going to be alive and well after she is back to good health. He needs to understand that family takes priority!

I'm glad she is using some of that sick leave...

Steve said...

Sending Mrs. Sneed my best!

I think SNGB needs some perspective.

Megan said...

I hope she is feeling better today.