Jun 28, 2010

The poor lovely Mrs. Sneed and Lacey the Wonder Dog had an unfortunate incident this morning.  They were going out the front door, when Lacey bumped Mrs. Sneed's knee, causing it to dislocate.   Mrs. Sneed fell and broke her wrist.

The doctor says that the knee looks okay, but since this is Mrs. Sneed's upteenth knee dislocation, he can't be sure.  He mentioned knee replacement surgery to me, but I'm not sure what he said about it;  things were kind of a blur.

Mrs. Sneed had the same knee surgically repaired about thirty years ago.

The doctors had to reset her wrist, and Mrs. Sneed had to have a conscious sedation for that.  She has a temporary cast and in ten days they will decide if the arm can have a hard cast or if surgery will be required to repair the damage.

My main focus at the moment is trying to keep her from hobbling off to work.  The woman has accrued 1200 hours of sick time over the past 15 years and now seems like the time to use it.

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The Bug said...

Oh poor Mrs. Sneed! She sounds a lot like my mother - could not STAND to be home from work. Although when she broke her wrist it was pretty painful so I think daddy was able to keep her home for a week.

Hope she recovers soon & does what she needs to in order to recuperate.

Perpetual Chocoholic said...

Oh!!! That sounds horrible! My daughter heard me gasp while reading your post and when I explained why, her concern was whether or not the dog ran away. She's 7 and injuries are common place in her active life so she took Mrs. Sneed's injuries in stride. I however am feeling very bad for your Mrs!

Mommy, I'm Home said...

Oh, poor Mrs. Sneed! I hope she listens to you and takes some time off to get better.

Barbara said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Mrs. Sneed's accident. I'm sure Lacey feels bad about it too. I hope she can be convinced to take advantage of all that banked sick leave, reminding herself how healthy she has been for so long. We live in an age of weakening bones unfortunately. I have a new hip to prove it! Please give Mrs. Sneed my best wishes for a quick and complete recovery!

Megan said...

Best wishes to you, Mrs. Don't let him coddle you too much. :)

Kurt said...

Ouch. They're doing miraculous things these days with the arthroscope. I had my knee tuned up that way.

Coffee Messiah said...

Sorry to hear and speedy recovery.

Yikes, if I had that much time built up, I'm afraid I'd use it, post haste ; )

and probably keep going and never look back.


Bella Rum said...

I'm so sorry to see this on your blog. I know it was a little scary for you Merle. I recall how my usually cool, calm and collected husband felt when I had the vertigo incident. Give Mrs. Sneed my regards. I hope her recovery is uneventful.

I have a friend who is recovering from a knee replacement at the moment. She's doing quite well and is very pleased with her progress which is about three weeks in. Good luck to Mrs. Sneed.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

oh my, poor lovely mrs sneed - what a morning!

healing vibes to mrs sneed and good luck to you getting her to stay home and use up some of that EARNED sick leave.... definitely time to use it.

Adrianne said...

Ouch, that must hurt like hell! So sorry to hear about this accident and hope that Mrs. Sneed will make a speedy recovery.

Think I'll be resurrecting the Bodhi Tree this summer, now that financial reg reform has passed the House.