Apr 24, 2008

Our weather is warming up. It is in the nineties now and probably will stay there for a while. That's only until it hits one hundred, though.

The usual suspects and I went to play golf today. I'm adopting a new attitude about this golfing business. The fact is that I will never be more than average, so I might as well get used to it and stop pressuring myself. The idea is to have fun with my friends.

I will be testing out my fun theory in earnest because, the Seafood King has decreed that he and I will be playing on Monday afternoon, as well as on Thursdays during the summer. I hope I have twice the fun as I have now.

Speaking of twice the fun, Son Sneed and I cut down our Desert Willow tree today. I wish I had thought to chronicle the event in photo, but I didn't. We used a chain saw to cut it down in sections and then used my swell wood chipper to grind up all but the biggest chunks of the tree. Even if I says so myself, we were downright Paul Bunyon-esque. Two hours to cut it down, grind it up and stack what couldn't be ground up.

I bought the wood chipper on eBay for making compost. It turned out that it wouldn't grind up leaves and other small stuff, so it has been sitting in the garage. Today was its day. We ground up a ton of tree limbs and branches and spread it around various parts of the yard as mulch. I have a formidable stack of green wood that I am thinking I will put a 'free firewood' sign on. Maybe someone will haul it away.

The tree was pretty to look at but kind of fragile. Branches kept breaking off in the wind. Plus it is a messy tree in the Spring and Fall. It grew at a funny angle and gave the impression that it was just a matter of time before it toppled into the street and with our luck, maiming a passerby.

Here's a shot of the tree after a storm last summer. Anyway, its gone now.

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Kurt said...

Your new attitude toward golf reminds me of my new attitude toward life.

dennis said...

Dennis wonders isn't it Arbor day or something? And you're posting a tree being killed?