Apr 23, 2008

My current archnemesis, the evil Mexican Palo Verde blossom.

This is a hybrid tea rose called Medallion. It will turn to a light apricot color as the bloom opens and ages.

Most of my rose bushes are hosting leaf-cutter bees. The bees cut crescent shapes out of the leaves, which they use to create a nest. Leaf-cutter bees are solitary, rather than social bees and don't create hives. A single female nests and raises its young. The damage to the plant is largely cosmetic, so I don't worry about it. Besides, these bees are important pollinators and need to be left unmolested.

In other news, I'm sort of feeling like the shine is off this hardware store job of mine. It has passed from a part time diversion to full time pain in the neck. Don't get me wrong, I like the work and I enjoy some of the people I work with, it's the hours I am beginning to resent. More specifically, I am beginning to resent the restrictions on my time that comes with a regular job.

I am working about 13 hours per week more than I agreed to. This is due to the illness of a coworker who has been off work for over two months now. It is beginning to look like she isn't ever coming back and I fear that I may be her permanent replacement.

My pal,the Seafood King offered to teach me to do some paperwork for his empire. I would basically take three days a month, so that's pretty tempting. We'll have to see how this works out, I guess.

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Kurt said...

Perhaps the hardware store needs an ultimatum. A maximum number of hours a week (20?), or you have to quit.

d. chedwick bryant said...

Kurt so much wants you to quit that job...

seven of seven said...

For selfish reasons, I want you to keep the job. The stories you share from the hardware store are priceless!!

Kurt said...

I do.

By the way, I went to Home Depot the other day, and I decided I'm never going there again. What a dump. People will put themselves through torture just to save a few dollars.

dennis said...

Dennis loathes the Home Depot! Go ACE!