Mar 17, 2008

We have had rain the past two days. This is a flower from one of my new roses called Blue Girl. It is almost lavender in color.

We don't get weather cold enough to cause our roses to go dormant, so they retain their leaves over the winter. When I pruned this year I took off all the old leaves so that when the bush releafed, it would look its best. this is an example.

But the really great news for today is that the lovely Mrs. Sneed's wallet turned up at work. She had already canceled her credit and debit card, but at least we don't have to spring for a new key to her car. I called the dealer and found out that it would have been $150 or so to replace it. As my blog friend Steve said, that's insane.

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Kurt said...

That is a relief. How terrible it would have been if she had lost her wallet right after returning from Vegas, when it was stuffed full of winnings.

Merle Sneed said...

I think you're confusing her with another Mrs. Sneed who won a lot of money.