Mar 16, 2008

Shocking I Tell You

In what can only be described as a pop culture shocker, Rambo (2008), the latest entry in the John Rambo (Sylvester Stallone) franchise, has been shipped off to the bargain theaters. Rambo opened in the United States on February 25th and it took a little more than two weeks for it to hit the cheapos. It's not that hard to understand how this could happen.

There seems to be a small but fervent following for the aging Stallone and his mucho macho character. The small number of adolescents and post-adolescents who actually saw the latest Rambo, loved it for the most part. At least according to their online reviews. The major film critics gave the movie mostly so so reviews. Michael Medved called it well-crafted but lacking in substance. Ya think?

A.O Scott, reviewing for the New York Times said, “Rambo” is, for most of its fairly brief running time, a blood bath punctuated by occasional bouts of clumsy dialogue. But the movie does have its own kind of blockheaded poetry.

Carrie Rickey of the Philadelphia Inquirer was least kind, offering the movie no stars. Read her review here, if you wish.

Other critics were more generous toward the latest Rambo effort.

Take for example, Mr. Kevin Carr of Film School Rejects, a community-driven (whatever that is) film production blog. Mr. Carr said in reviewing the movie, "Finally, an R-rated action flick that f*cking rocks." That sort of insightful thought should drive the fans to the to the theaters in droves, so it's hard to figure why Rambo faded so quickly.

The Sneed blog's inside Hollywood connections tell me that Stallone is planning a big finale for his other film hero, Rocky Balboa.

According to sources who have seen the working story outline, it has Balboa is working as a part time custodian in the assisted-care facility, where he also is a resident. Other residents have not picked up on the fact that they have a former world champ in their midst.

When evil capitalists threaten to close the home and sell the property to big oil interests, Rocky comes out of retirement for one last benefit bout, in an effort to salvage the property for the old folks, himself included. Due to the off-the-record nature of my sources, I cannot tell you how the fight turns out, but expect the unexpected.

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Kurt said...

That last part feels made up.

Steve said...

I never saw any of the Rambo movies, and only the first Rocky, so I must admit that Stallone has entirely faded from my pop culture vision.