Mar 18, 2008


Last May, I posted this picture of a mouse in a bush by my former neighbor and would-be girlfriend, Tracy's house. A while back Tracy moved away and moved in with her swell new boyfriend. Since then she has become pregnant and is getting married at the end of the month. I'm beginning to think she is not as committed to our relationship as me.

A few days ago, Son Sneed noticed that we had a visitor in the backyard, living by the fountain. Evidently, when Tracy bugged out, she left the mouse for me.

I personally wouldn't mind a harmless rodent around, but Son Sneed is convinced that he will get hantavirus from the mouse. Hantavirus is spread by deer mice, which this guy is not, but then there's always the plague. Lacey the Wonderdog spends all day trying to catch the mouse and wrecking havoc in the process. So, the mouse had to go. Luckily for Mr. Mouse, we practice nonviolence toward mice and men.

I set out a trap baited with birdseed in hopes of capturing the little guy and after a few days I finally succeeded. Before I got home, Lacey tried her best to break in to the cage and maim the mouse, or worse. Luckily, she wasn't successful. The cage didn't fare as well as the mouse trapped within. Lacey bent and battered it pretty good.

We took our little rodent pal to a vacant lot down the block and set him free. Hopefully he will stay out of trouble.

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seven of seven said...

#1 What did Mrs Sneed think about the "Tracy as Girlfriend" idea?
#2 Awwww....cute mouse.
#3 Poor Lacy -- gotta eat mouse, metal bars hurt my mouth. No mouse in mouth.
#4 Yay! Freedom! I hope mouse finds a new life in the desert.

Kurt said...

Inspirational, and the photos make it even more vivid.

Nan Patience said...

Some of us bloggers over in my neck of the woods have dealt with these sorts of guests coming into our houses when the weather turned cold. Some of us have described little mouse parts getting snapped in traps, their entrails hanging out, blood dripping from their little mouse mouths, and their limp bodies getting tossed out. What a firestorm! You were smart to lie about it.

SonSneed said...

I am fairly sure that is a rat and not a mouse. And we could get histoplasmosis, hanta virus, the plague, and anything else that dirty rat carries.

Steve said...

Great photos! And bravo for trapping and releasing him (or her)!

Anonymous said...

Looks like one of those critters our cat dragged in. It took up residence under my kitchen cabinet, building a nest from the insulation it procurred from the kitchen range. What a mess! It finally died trapped under the cabinet and caused quite an embarassing stench.