Mar 29, 2008

Nine Days

I've always liked the sight of water caught in midair.

Since I find myself alone on this Trey as a nickname business, I have been mulling over my aversion to it. I guess my annoyance was mostly because the coworker who told me this news with breathless pride, was a pretentious, white trash doofus. He could have told me the kid was named Dave and I probably would have been irked. So at ease all you Treys.

Noah and his suitcase arrived this morning at sevenish, for an eight-night and nine-day stay. His mother and stepfather are off on their honeymoon. I figure the SWAT team will be talking me down from the roof by midweek.

They called a few moments ago to say that they have arrived in Puerto Rico. They are going on a cruise from there. Interesting factiod, Puerto Rico is evidently an island. Who knew?

All I can say is this damned honeymoon better yield some major loot for me.

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d. chedwick bryant said...

will we be seeing you sporting a "My kid went on a groovy cruise and all I got was this lousy T shirt" T shirt soon?

Good luck with the whole child care thing. He's getting older, so he may be able to sit through movies now.

ps I would never name a kid junior or trey.

Kurt said...

First off, why are you on the roof? That may be what is alarming everyone. Second off, will you be taking your grandson to work with you?

dennis said...

Dennis is arriving with his suitcase too!

dennis said...

Dennis says:
tomorrow is an important day for Dennis!

the big 8.