Mar 27, 2008

I was at the store earlier today when I heard a woman shriek, "Trey", at a misbehaving child. I recall the first time I ever heard the nickname Trey.

I guy I worked with told me that his daughter had baby and that since the baby was going to be a third, as in Thurston Howell the Third, it would be called Trey. I thought it was idiotic at the time and I continue to think so. Will Trey's kid be called Quad, should he decide to hold to the tradition of kids named Thurston?

Today was golf day. The Seafood King is away trolling the Seven Seas or something, which left Some Guy Named Bob and me on our own. All I can say is that no one got hurt. The weather was in the eighties and it was a perfect day to be playing golf.

Here's something else. I know that I only yesterday complained about the tidal wave of bad news that is swamping us, but somethings need to ranted about. This isn't news anyway, it's my never-to-be-humble opinion.

In Weston, Wisconsin, an eleven-year-old girl died from complications of diabetes because her ignorant parents chose to pray for her recovery rather than seeking medical care for her. How in the twenty-first century can such superstitious ignorance persist? Idiots.

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Anonymous said...

I've known many Juniors and Treys. No one I know has admitted to being a fourth or quad. I guess it pretty much stops at Trey.

This post got me wondering what Trey Parker's real name is (Trey Parker is the co-creator of the cartoon South Park)

I googled: Randolph Severn Parker III

Randolph is just as yucky as Trey,

Kurt said...

I have never heard that about the name Trey.

In Bali the children are named for their birth order. First born are named Wayan. There are a lot of Wayans there.

d. chedwick bryant said...

these are very old nicknames --they had them in colonial times.

Junior (Junie, June, JR) (remember Uncle June from the Sopranos?)

Trey (third kid)

IV (fourth kid--pronounced I've or Ivy.

Quint (fifth kid) Just think--if Cint Eastwood had been a fifth kid he'd be Quint Eastwood.
Quinn is also used to denote the fifth child.

Most people stop at 5 kids I guess because I couldn't find out what numerical nickname the 6th kid would get.

I hate it when families have a Big Irene and a little Irene and then they go further and call them Big I and little I.

I know a family that does that and I don't like being at their family parties because everyone is Big and Little and how hard is it to come up with better, more descriptive nicknames like "Pecan Head" or "Floozy" ???

Nan Patience said...

Parents may as well pray for their child's recovery. The third leading cause of death in this country is seeking medical attention.

Julia said...

My husband has an uncle Trey and a cousin Ivy. My best friend's husband is Trey and their son is TJ, or Trey Jr. It's easier than Robert Randolph XX the fourth.

Steve said...

I didn't know Trey was a nickname. I always thought it was just a name, like Michael. I've never heard that explanation before. Interesting!

That Wisconsin story was sad -- I read that too. It's hard to figure people out sometimes.

Anonymous said...

How about doing a post on annoying Twin Names like

Earl and Pearl?

Anonymous said...

How do you feel about the name Troy?

How about super identicle Triplets named Roy, Troy, and DeWayne?