Mar 30, 2008

Day Two

We're nearly through day two of Noah's nine-day stay. His mother has called today to tell us how fabulous her honeymoon is going. This is what we know so far.

a. San Juan is wonderful.
b. The hotel is spectacular.
c. Their lunch was great.
d. The water is turquoise and warm.
e. The people are so nice.
f. Their ship looks fantastic and they will be in Saint Thomas tomorrow.

A lesser man than me might think she is messing with us.

We had midget bowling today. Wait, is that insensitive? My little guys have been pestering me to take them bowling, so today was the day.

Aiden and I anxiously wonder if he will pick up the spare.

Noah and I wonder where the ball went.

It's funny how differently the boys reacted to their bowling success. Noah cheers himself, no matter how many or how few pins he knocked down. Aiden is much more serious about doing it right and got down when he didn't get a strike or spare.

Anyway we had a good time and I got to show someone's dad a thing or two about how a skilled bowler does it.

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d. chedwick bryant said...

You been workin' out Merle? Ya look great!

Steve said...

It's funny how kids show distinct personalities at such a young age, isn't it? (Well, funny to me anyway -- since I have no kids!)

Flawed & Disorderly said...

I heard it's your b-day!! Happy b-day! Be back later. Will explain the rush...

Kurt said...

Happy 70th, Merle. Nice photos.