Jan 15, 2008

Is Humanitarian Aid Ever A Crime?

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Casa Sneed is located in a one half mile square area of our city that is has a more suburban feel than most neighborhoods in the city. The area was developed beginning about sixty years ago and tends to be older and more liberal than other areas of the town. Our county votes overwhelmingly Democrat, but our neighborhood is even more liberal than the county as a whole.

We have a ton of the signs like the one pictured above around the neighborhood. These signs are a show of support for people who go into the desert and look for illegal aliens who are trying to cross to the US. The lunatic anti-immigration fringe pushes hard for these people to be prosecuted for aiding illegals. It is technically a crime, but never morally wrong.

I was talking a walk today and took some pictures, mostly of the landscaping plants people have put in. People in Arizona tend to plant what will grow, regardless of its suitability to the environment.

This is a California Pepper tree and is actually a pretty nice specimen. This tree is very messy, becasue it has a million tiny leaves that are forever falling off. The tree tends to be brittle and prone to limb breakage or uprooting due to improper watering.

You will notice that most of the houses in our neighborhood have white-coated roofs. This helps with our brutally hot summers by reflecting the sunlight.

There is a house behind this clump of vegetation. Someone put in a bunch of plants many years ago without regard to what they would grow into. there is a Mexican Fan Palm hidden under the Desert Acacia in the background and a Staghorn cactus in the foreground. It is impossible to tell one from the other and has resulted in a mess.

Some knucklehead decided to plant these Saguaro cactus in a row like they are a hedge or something. It looks ridiculous. These plants are nearly one hundred years old. This did not occur naturally, they were transplants. Saguaro don't get arms until the plants are about seventy-five years old.

This is Ocotillo. which is a native plant to this part of the world. These were planted in a row by the homeowner and look a bit more natural. In their natural environment they grow in fields of plants. They only leaf out in the rainy season.

We have a lot of Aleppo Pines in the neighborhood for some reason. Pine trees are well-suited to drier environments, so they do well here. That is assuming they don't clog up your sewer lines or fall on your house. This homeowner has a cistern built beside the house. That is the tank at the corner of the house. Collecting rainwater is very popular in these parts.

For several days I saw an old Hispanic man building this monstrosity around his mailbox. I'm not sure what it is supposed to represent.

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Anonymous said...

like the pepper tree.. the mailbox thing is for the mailman, they leave a shot of whiskey on it for him.

here is a Haiku you wrote last March

In my cubicle,
The sun breaks at the window,
My life is fleeting.

now you are free to stroll about most days and take pix of trees and enjoy ...

Steve said...

Yeah, what the heck is that mailbox about??

Glad to hear people collect rainwater -- I've been reading a book that mentions resource consumption in the west and it's very depressing. (I wrote about it today.)

I kind of like the saguaros in a row, though I agree it does look utterly unnatural!

Kurt said...

Great tour of the neighborhood. I hope that counts toward the community service you have to do.

I kind of like the mailbox thing, though the sunflowers are a bit gaudy. It has an adobe thing going on. My guess is that ne'er-do-wells kept taking out his mailbox with a baseball bat.

dennis said...

Dennis likes the mailbox holder. The string of lights make Dennis think-- Dennis thinks all Christmas decorations should be down by Jan. 10th at the very latest. Dennis loves to chew those kinds of wires.

alphabet soup said...

I just love those sunflowers!!
Ms Soup