Jan 14, 2008

Discount Tires

Son Sneed and I worked on the compost heap today. My poor garden is just a mess of dead plants and blowing leaves. This was the garden in more hospitable times.

Everyone knows that I spend enough time bellyaching when I get crappy service from some business, so it's only fair to acknowledge when I get good service.

We have a chain of tire stores out here called Discount Tires. The chain has 600 locations, mostly in the West, but they also have locations in the Southern US and the upper Midwest.

What I like about Discount is that they only sell tires. No lube, no alignments and no mechanical work. They don't waste their time or your money selling you crap you don't need. If your tire ever get a flat they fix it for free. If it gets out of balance they balance it for free. Plus their prices are very competitive.

More than two years ago I bought four new tires for the Sneed Family Junkster at Discount, our 2001 pickup. They cost me about $400. Today when I was leaving my lunch with Lonnie and Chuck, I noticed that the front left tire had a nail in it.

I went over to Discount to take advantage of their free repair service and when the guy looked at the tires he said that they had worn out faster than expected. He said that all four were more than 50% worn out. He offered to give me $220 of my $400 bucks back if I wanted to buy four new tires. That seemed more than fair to me, so the Junkster has new feet to celebrate it's 7th birthday, which is also today. What's not to like?

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dennis said...

Dennis is 7 years old too--but on March 31 Dennis turns 8.

Anonymous said...

Your patio oasis is pretty.

Tire shopping was always a nightmare, It improved once I found a decent place 10 yrs ago--, and have been a loyal customer. the tires that came on my truck were recalled-- now that's a scary thought--driving for years on crazy tires. I have taken care of it though.

Kurt said...

Isn't Discount Tires great? I was just there myself, and I got a great deal on four used truck tires. Only $300.