Jan 16, 2008


I just came home and when I brought in the mail I found a letter from an anonymous source that read in part;

Pima County ordinance 6.04.160 prohibits the disturbance of neighbors by barking dogs. Please be advised that if you fail to immediately stop your dog from constant barking, I shall file a Civil Complaint against for such. You will be required to pay Court Costs, Attorney Fees at $180 per hour, plus damages and the cost of the court order to remove your animal from the premises.

This writer sure likes to capitalize.

Longtime readers will appreciate my reaction to the letter, which is basically to tell them to kiss my behind.

The irony of the letter is that our mutt Lacey spends the dark hours in the house, so I'm not sure if the unidentified coward who wrote the letter even has the right suspect. I'm thinking of going door-to-door to the nearby houses to let the weasel know that he or she is welcome to discuss it with me. I'm guessing they won't.

I used to have a neighbor across the street that was serious mentally ill. She was incapable of living on her own, but because she had money, no one seemed bothered that she did. From time to time the SWAT team would have to come and drag her out. Then she would locked up for awhile only to return when she was stabilized. Eventually, she had to be permanently removed and the house was sold.

From time to time while she was living across the street she would have a boyfriend show up. His name was Jim and he struck me as basically a freeloader.

During one of our summer storms the mesquite tree pictured above was split down the middle by the wind and one half fell into the street. The vee in the picture is the split.

Since the tree is in a notched-out area of the wall on Jim's girlfriend's lot, I went over and told him that I would help him try to save the tree or at least get it out of the street. He told me that it wasn't his problem and that it could stay there as far as he was concerned. Sort of what I came to expect from this yahoo. I managed to use a cable to tie the two halves back up and twelve years later it is still doing okay, even if it is misshapen.

This is a picture of a Palo Verde tree, a native plant, that sprang up next to the sidewalk. It should have been removed when it was little but wasn't. Now it is disrupting the sidewalk.

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d. chedwick bryant said...

Good job saving the tree!
A few blocks away some people chopped a big lilac bush down the the ground so they could fence in their property. I would walk by and feel bad, seeing the remains of the bush--tiny stumps along the fence line. But after a few years of being in shock, the lilac grew back much stronger, and completely broke four upright boards of the stockade fence -- now, some 8 years later, it is a huge bush that is on both sides of the fence.

By wiring that tree, you saved it's life! It was a good idea too-- too bad that jerk wouldn't help you, but it was his loss.

Sadly, our craziest neighbors are lawyers. one came running out of her house in her pajamas to scream at the men delivering my washer & dryer.
"Arabs!" she screamed several times and added some bad words. The main delivery guy shouted:
"We are Russians! We are Russians!" the screamfest stopped when I walked outside and took photos of the woman... (always have a camera ready) she waddled back to her own house. I feel sorry for her two small children. I hope she moves away.

Steve said...

Merle: Yes, bravo on the tree. And re. the dog, if they file a complaint, at least you'll know who the weasel is!

Ched: Holy cow! What a neighbor!

Julia said...

a) The boyfriend was a jerk.
b)I'm glad you can't see my yard.

Kurt said...

My sister used to live in the California desert in a town where every home is on a half acre lot. That's what I need: the neighbors far far away.

Anonymous said...