Jun 27, 2006

Seeing Is Believing

Did you happen to see this headline? 600 lbs. woman survives getting thrown through sunroof According to news reports a 600 pound woman rolled her SUV and was ejected through the sunroof. In my never to be humble opinion, that is a load of shinola. If you weigh 600 pounds you can barely fit through the damn door, there is no way you are coming through the sunroof. I think the facts here have been massaged in order to juice up the story. I invite you to Google the words "600 lb woman" and see what a person of that size actually looks like and then draw your own conlusion as to the veracity of the facts as presented. In photo news... (click on images to enlarge) This is a very nice cluster of Saguaro Cactus fruit. This is the time of the year that birds and other animals feed on the Saguaro fruit. In the crook of the arm is a nest in a hole in the Saguaro. Gila Woodpeckers and Gilded Flickers make these holes for their nests. The holes are usually not harmful to the Saguaro, but sometimes the Flickers can damage the plant. There were three of these nests in this Palo Verde tree. I think they are the nests of White-winged Doves. In Southern Arizona our rivers are dry except during heavy periods of rain, when they become raging torrents for a short time. The county where I live has built linear parks along the banks. This is a nice area near my office. Tag:

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