Jun 26, 2006

Yes, I Did Buy A New Camera

I read a report about why so many folks have so much credit card debt. The conclusion is that the widely-held notion that these folks are buying stuff is just plain wrong. The analysis purports to show that these folks are using credit cards to make ends meet. What a load of shinola. People used to save for emergencies. Now they let a credit card be their backup plan. When junior breaks his arm, put it on the card. Save a bit each payday? Too damn difficult. Credit is not a damn human right and we need to stop acting like it is. You don't have the right to charge it soley because you have no cash. The latest from the files of bad credit card experiences. I heard a guy on the radio today that had fallen behind in his payments to the good folks at Capital One. After some give and take between him and the fine folks at Capital One, an agreement was reached for a payment plan. Our guy dutifully followed the plan. All good so far. Somehow the fine folks at Capital One also sent his file to a collection agency that refused to believe that he had already had a payment arrangement with the fine folks at Capital One. The collection agency then sought and was awarded a judgement against him and placed a lien on his home. They offered to have removed if he settled with them. Neither Capital One nor their collector are willing to resolve this situation. Their advice? Pay them both. This points out once more what happens when you deal with these morons. Stop buying crap with money you don't have. On a saner note, I took a couple of photos today that you might find interesting. This is a closeup view of a Saguaro cactus near my office. The green ovals shaped objects are Saguaro fruit and the black things attached are the remains of Saguaro flowers which bloomed in late May and early June. The Saguaro blossom is pollinated by bats, insects and especially White-Winged doves that migrate from Mexico for that purpose. The fruit will be eaten by a variety of creatures and they will spread the seeds, resulting in new Saguaros. Later in the day I had to go to meet a guy who is building some homes just east of the middle-of-nowhere. This is a photo of a home built among a great stand of Saguaros. Note the big specimen next to the house. Tag:

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