Jun 28, 2006

The End Is Near...Maybe.

The end is near, maybe. I have managed to stop all traffic to my blog by posting pictures that I have taken and then explaining what they are. I thought this information was terribly interesting. Apparently the rest of the world disagrees. But that is not the end that I am thinking of. No, I may be on the verge of getting myself fired for being a pain-in-the-butt. If you work long enough in life you get to be a thorn in the side of the boss. When my father was about 67 years-old and still working I asked him why he didn't retire. He said that when you don't need your job anymore, when the man loses the power to scare you, working becomes kind of fun. Now I get it. The braintrust running my particular little corner of my company, commanded by our fearless leader, the Big Man, just keeps getting dumber and dumber and I have no choice but to point it out. I can't help myself. Perhaps you read a previous post of mine where I detailed how the little people are being imperiled so that the Big Man can strut his ego, his Big Manliness, if you will. Well, I recently took the opportunity to tell the bosses in an open meeting that "management team" had screwed up big time. They were so impressed with my impassioned rant that they completely ignored me. Not a word in response. The reason, I think, is that they need me more than I need them, and we both realize it. So they chose to ignore my outburst. The consensus among the little people (me and my coworkers) was that at the very least they would learn from their mistakes and do better "going forward"(a little corporate-speak). They are smart enough to figure this one out, right? Well, the little folks are wrong. The Big Man has issued another boneheaded royal decree and all peasants must listen up. The Big Man says that we will continue to do it the hard way and that we will like it. I had to fire off a respectful email to my boss suggesting the Big Man wasn't property managing things, especially when it comes to preserving the little people's life and limb. His reponse? (Insert crickets chirping). The Big Man so terrifies the organization that every idea flowing from his royal throne is considered a brilliant one by his underlings. "We are not worthy, we are not worthy". Oh, well. My dad was right though. Tag:

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