Jun 30, 2006

The Hope for a Uneventful Day

Beagle 1 / Beetle 0 I found the hapless Palo Verde Root Borer this morning quite dead and being devoured by an army of red ants. Sadie has prevailed (see yesterday's post for details). Its funny what you see when you take time to look. I think this is the nest of a Cactus Wren, the state bird of Arizona. It is shaped like a football, with an openning on one end. A lot of people think our state bird is the Roadrunner, but that is New Mexico, not Arizona. Some days I just hope nothing happens. Today is that day. It is 6:15 am as I type this post and the temperature is 80°F, on its way to 100°F. There will be scattered showers later as the desert floor heats up. This heating will cause hot air to rise and mix with the moist cooler air in the atmosphere. So we might get some rain and that's good. My plan is to work 1/2 day today, meet my friend for our usual Friday lunch and then to come home and rest. Not too bad if it works out. The long weekend ahead will be a nice rest. The Sneeds are not going out of town, but Grandma Sneed and daughter Sneed are taking the Grand Sneedlet to the circus on Saturday. I get to stay home because I am afraid of clowns and balloons. Not a bad deal either. Tonight the lovely Mrs. Sneed and I will drive out west of our fair city to see if the Indians are still running their casino. I expect they are. I may buy a new car with the money I am bound to win. Have a good one. Tag:

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