Jul 1, 2006

Halfway Through 2006

Well, we are halfway through 2006. Technically the halfway mark occurs on July 3rd , but July 1st marks 6 months down and 6 to go. Close enough. It has been the usual ups and downs for the Sneeds, with no real catastrophes to date. Whew! I used to try to write a financial blog, but I found that my advice is pretty simple and even I get tired of hearing it, over and over. So I have branched out in my blogging. In case you don't already know, my financial advice is to live on less than you make, save and plan for the future. Everything you don't buy now is a chance to make your future financially secure. In America it is your choice about how wealthy you will become. I would dare say everybody in America can become financially prosperous just based on what they make, if they are wise in their spending and saving. For instance, there is a call center in my building where a lot of low-wage workers are employed. An awful lot of these folks making 8 or 9 dollars per hour have money for cigarettes and cell phones. They could be rich by retirement if they made better choices in their spending priorities. For example, saving just $100 per month from 25 years-old to 55 years-old yields about $220,000 assuming a 10% market return. Want to know what percentage of 55 year-olds have $220,000 in retirement? I've read recent reports that say only 1/3 of 50 year-olds have $50,000 or more saved and 1/3 have nothing. Get moving, Bucko. The first half of the year has seen the Sneed's net worth increase by $40,000. This is not great, but better than a loss, I suppose. We have reduced our debt by over $12,000, which is good. At the rate we are going, our home will be paid for in about 4 years, assuming I keep working. So our financial goals are on track. Anyway, the lovely Mrs. Sneed, daughter Sneed and one of the Grand Sneedlets went to the circus today as planned. I cleaned house and got a haircut while they were gone. I met them for lunch after the circus. That was nice, even with the Sneedlet being a little bit trollish. Sneedlet is spending the weekend at our house so that his mom can recover a bit. He can be a hand full. Young Sneedlet is presently riding his tricycle around in a circle from the living room through the dining room, kitchen, down the hallway and into the living room again. Every lap I have to hold up my laptop's power cord and let him under the "bridge". We are having a grand time, and of course by we, I mean him. Sneedlet on Patrol In the second half of the year we have a Labor Day trip to San Diego planned and another one to Anaheim for a counseling conference in December. The lovely Mrs. Sneed and daughter Sneed are going to the conference. Sneedlet and I are going to Disneyland for four loooooong days. I'm betting the lovely Mrs. Sneed will sneak a trip to Las Vegas in somewhere too. Here's hoping the last half of 2006 will be a good one. Tag:

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