Jun 29, 2006

Close Encounters of the Creepy Kind.

This is an encounter between our 7 month-old Beagle puppy, Sadie and a scary looking Palo Verde Root Borer. This Beetle lays it eggs on the roots of non-native trees and as the larvae grow they eat the roots, sometimes damaging the tree or worse. Sadie would pick it up in her mouth and run around the back yard before returning to this spot, where she would drop it and watch to see if it was still alive. These 8" x 4" bricks give some perspective to this monster's size. It is about 3" long, normal for an adult Palo Verde Root Borer. I hope she dealt severely with it because I don't want its offspring feeding on my Texas Live Oak tree. Sadie flipped it on its back. The beetle would flail its legs widly until it flipped upright. Then Sadie would grab it again and run. It is the dead of the summer so these beetles are usually seen after dark or in the cool of the morning...if you call 85 degree at 6 am cool! Tag:

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