Jan 29, 2005

Your Change is 3 Dollars and 102 Cents, Sir

Here's another thing that bugs me....getting change from a kid in a paper hat. They put the change on top of the bills. Who started that anyway? Here's my theory. There was a day and time when cash registers didn't have a digital display telling the McD moron how much change to give. We had to figure out that 24 cents from a dollar was 76 cents and then, and I am not making this up, had to count out 77, 78, 79, 80, a dime makes 90 and another dime makes a dollar. Now-a-days if the register rings up the sale as $2.49 and the customer pays with 5 dollar bill, McDster inputs 5 dollars and the register/computer tells him or her to give back $2.51. Oh sure, they still have to figure out what $2.51 looks like, but believe me when I predict that the day is coming when the display will show a picture of 2 ones, 2 quarters and a penny. And how does our little nitwit give back the change? By laying the coins on top of the bills and passing it back where many times it spills all over the counter, or worse yet on the ground when passed out the window of the drive-through with the drink. An additional effect of the digital register is that the moron ringing up the purchase has no number sense at all. It is easy to imagine some underachiever buying a $1.29 Big Gulp and having the slacker behind the counter tell him it is $3.15 either because of a register malfunction or slacker error. Moron 1: "Seems like a lot for a Big Gulp man." Moron 2: "I don't know dude it must be right it says so on the register. They add tax ya know." Moron 1: "Oh right tax. How much is tax?" Moron 2: "I don't know man, but its alot." Moron1: "Right!" Moron 2: "Yeah." And another thing. Why does the kid at Burger King get $5.75 per hour for punching your order into the register and the checkout clerk at the grocery store get $11 per hour for waving groceries at a scanner? I ask you which is more difficult? Finding the right combination of keys to order a Whopper, no cheese, extra pickles or waving a fister of Jim Beam at a scanner? I think the kids are getting jobbed! Serves them right for that change thing though.

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