Feb 2, 2005

Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

I stopped at a Walgreen's today to grab a Coke. I got the Coke and went to pay. There was only 1 checker and a couple of people were in line ahead of me. After a second I realized that the line wasn't moving so I turned my attention to the hold up. It turned out to be some woman, dressed in baggy sweats and floppy slippers who was disputing the price of a pack of cigarettes. I waited a minute and then headed to the photo counter where the assistant manger rang me up. I suggested that they just ask her to get out and stay out. No response. As I passed the line, now at 4 people, she was still at it. This pain-in-the-butt reeked of smokes so badly that it made my eyes water. I'm pretty sure that she buys a pack a day, at least. The cost shouldn't be a surprise, especially since the poor cashier was pointing at the clearly posted price. I am sick to death of accomodating nicotine-additcted jackasses. Cigarette cannot be left unattended so smokers have to hold us up while someone gets their fix for them. Then we have to endure the discussion about whether they are supposed to get the soft pack or the box or both. Menthol or regular, longs or shorts. Lets all wait on the junkie. I don't care to smell them or to smell like them. Just go away.

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The Family Julz said...

Lottery ticket buyers in convenience stores drive me the most crazy. I hear ya!