Jan 22, 2005

Getting Started

In the beginning was the budget and God saw the budget and said it was good. Well, perhaps He didn't, but it is still good. A friend of mine sits at his desk at 6:00 am on Wednesday confronting a pile of bills, checkbook in hand. He is trying to decide how much money he will have on Friday when we get paid. Its a lot of bills. Hope he makes a lot of money...a whole lot. The real deal is this. If you want to remain stressed out about your money keep letting the bills dictate the pace. Pile them up and just spread the money around as best you can. Or figure out how much you have before you spend it. Do it like this. How much do you take home each month? Minus food, utilities, groceries, clothes, transportation and you got what you have to spend on stuff. Simple. Don't buy stuff on credit. Remember, happiness is not caring when payday is. If you budget and spend within your means paydays are just another day of the week. Bills are just another mindless chore.

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