Apr 20, 2014

 Mrs. Sneed and I went to the grocery the other night.  When we went to our car after shopping, the lot was empty in our row and only one car was in the row adjacent to us.  That car was two spots closer to the store and in the adjacent row. 

I unloaded our bags and glanced around for the nearest cart corral.  It was some distance away at the end of the aisle and I made the snap judgment to just leave my cart in the next parking spot and let the lot kid corral it.  Nowhere near the other car.

As I got into the cart I heard someone yell, and I made out the words, cart and cars.  An older guy approached and put his shopping
bag in the aforementioned car in the adjacent parking row.  I backed out of my spot and he huffed over, grabbed my cart and made something of a show of wheeling the cart back to the corral.

As we drove off, he shouted that I was a "fu*king a-hole."

Seems to me that he invests a lot of emotion in cart etiquette.

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Steve Reed said...

Yeah, I would definitely call that an overreaction!

The Bug said...

Oops - that was me in disguise - sorry! :)