Mar 13, 2014

Health insurance, you can't live with get it.

For the most part I enjoy good health, especially for an older guy.  I take a cholesterol-lowering drug and that's about the extent of my regular medical needs.  For the most part, I don't use my insurance that much.  That doesn't mean that they haven't got a way too screw me, though.

My insurance insists that I order my cholesterol med via the mail, since it is considered maintenance, not urgent.  This, they say is the most cost-efficient way to get my pills and keep cost lower for everyone.  A 90-day-supply costs me $25 using my insurance.  Not too bad.

What I discovered recently is that the insurance pays zero dollars toward these refills and I pay the $25 copay.  I'm paying full retail through the insurance.  That got me to thinking.

I checked with some of these $4 plans at the big box stores and found my drug wasn't on their lists for $4.  But Costco will fill my prescription for $9 for 90 days, saving my $16 off the insurance company prices.  So, not only was there no benefit to my by my insurance, the company was profiting an extra $15 or so from my using them.  Bastards!

Not to lay lie to my good health claim, but I developed a touch of cellulitis in my thigh this week.  This morning I went to the doc and he prescribed an antibiotic. 

In this case, mail order is not practical anyway, so I went to my insurance website to find my options and cost.  They recommended that I go to a Walmart near me to fill the prescription.  I would have a $10 copay and they would contribute nothing.

I happened to ask the Walmart person what the self-pay price was and it turns out that it is $4.  Pay $4 without insurance, pay $10 with it.  Did I mention bastards?

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Steve Reed said...

They'll find a way to make money on you, I'm sure! After all, the relatively healthy among us pay to sustain the unwell. Which is how insurance works.

Still, they are bastards. I agree.