Feb 7, 2014

I need 2 tires for my bike and I found just what I wanted on Amazon.  I selected quantity "2" and checked out.  Smooth as silk, be here on Friday (today) and free shipping.

This afternoon a FEDEX guy came to the door with a big box.  My tires I presumed.  It was my tires, minus an 's'.  The box contained not tires, but a single tire.  There was room for two, but only a single tire within.   Was it a mistake in packing?  Would I have to call to find the missing tire.

An hour later another FEDEX guy came to the door with another box...the other tire.  I asked him if he was the same guy from an hour earlier and he was not. 

Those Amazon guys are usually very efficient, but it seems to me that this wasn't one of those times.

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Steve Reed said...

I think there's a box you can check on the Amazon site asking them to package all your shipment together (and hold it until everything is ready) -- but why you would have to do that in this case is beyond me. Seems like common sense to deliver them at the same time!

The Bug said...

That's hilarious! Today's packaging is a total mystery to me...