Aug 12, 2012

 Good news, my unfortunate incarceration has ended!  For the record, I wasn't even there when things went down.

Life at Casa Sneed goes on.  We are leaving in 2 weeks time for a cruise of Alaska's inner passage, followed by a couple of days in Seattle with Mrs. Sneed's sister and brother-in-law.  Should be fun.

I'm still at the hardware store, but have lowered the number of hours I work.  I had it down to 15 hours a week, which was swell, but now I'm back to 19.  Half the time I can see myself working there til I'm 70 and the other half I'm plotting to just up and quit.  Since I started collecting my social security in May the working has become more intolerable.

I'm thinking of resuming the old blog, but who knows.  My best to any and all of my friends who happen by.

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The Bug said...

I was so excited to see a "Merle" post on my blog reader! I can't believe you're still at the hardware store - I think you need to quit in a spectacular manner & then tell us all about it.

Have a great time on the cruise!

Steve Reed said...

Merle! So glad to see you back! I'm glad all is well at Casa Sneed and you're still plugging away at the hardware store. I miss hearing about SGNB and the Seafood King, not to mention Mrs. Sneed and the rest of the Sneed relations. Have a great time on your upcoming trip!

Kurt said...

I don't pay into social security, so I definitely see a single wide in my future (if I'm lucky).

Bella Rum said...

Welcome back! Hoping it sticks.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

welcome back....i too was on a bloggybreak...we'll see if we both get back into the swing of things.

your upcoming trip sounds exciting - i've long wanted to take this cruise - in fact it is the only cruise that has piqued my interest.

best to you and mrs sneed.