Mar 15, 2012

 Our little Piper had to have minor surgery yesterday to have tubes put into her ears.  She suffers from ear infections.  Yikes!  Luckily things went well.

Here is an ethical dilemma for you.

Suppose a former employer sent you a letter saying that they we giving you $3500 to help pay for your health insurance premiums.  Also suppose that you think you are not entitled to the money and in fact called them to let them know of their mistake...twice.

Imagine that you even went so far as to check with a fellow retiree to confirm that he didn't get the same sweet offer.  Further evidence that it is a mistake.

Would you;

(A) Take the money and run,

(B) Refuse to take the money,

(C) Take the money but set it aside in an account for the day they figure out they screwed up?

I'm doing (c) on the off chance that they really know what they are talking about.  How long is the statute of limitations on this do you suppose?

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The Bug said...

I had to have tubes twice when I was a kid - I remember a traumatic moment in 1st grade when I was scratching my ear & one came out - my teacher & I both freaked out LOL. Fortuately that apparently happens a lot & is no big deal.

I think you're doing the right thing with the money - because I'm sure that they will come after it if they discover it was an error. But I don't know how long you'd need to keep it there. Maybe wait awhile & inquire again...

Kurt said...

I'd take the money and find a struggling young artist and give it to him, like a grant, so he could work on his art.

Steve Reed said...

C was my choice too -- I think that's the prudent approach!

mouse (aka kimy) said...

prudent and ethically correct!

nice to see you back! love the kids pics!

happy to read the ear surgery went well. any surgery, no matter how routine is scary!