Sep 3, 2011

In reply to my last post, Barbara wonders why I don't change my number or disconnect my land line, rather than take all these, Shawn the Deadbeat calls?  Excellent question.

1.  I get my home service for free for life.

2.  We have had the same number for about 16 years and changing it means contacting a lot of people, many who I will forget.

3.  I object to being penalized because of a deadbeat crook.

4. Oh, and it is the same last four digits as our address, for what that's worth.

With Mrs. Sneed's retirement just around the corner, she wondered how many miles she has driven to and from her office these past 18.5 years.  The answer is about 51,000, twice around the world at the equator or 18 trip between LA and NY.

Not so much by California commuting standards, but a heck of a lot of miles by Hooterville ones.

By way of comparison, my work commute is two miles, round trip.  In a year my total commute is a single  round trip from NY to Philadelphia.

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fifthelephant said...

I used to drive 70 miles/day. now I work in my living room.

Kurt said...

Mine is holding firm at 0 miles.

Barbara said...

All points well taken on the number change suggestion. You will just have to put up with the rif-raf who will continue to call.

I wonder if it's miles or age which is the bigger contributor to the death of a car? Since we purchased the '85 Volvo in 1996 with 100,000 miles on it (for $5K), we have only added 73,000 miles. Maybe that's why the engine is still going strong (while the body continues to fall apart).

I'm sure Mrs. S will not miss the commute in the least!

The Bug said...

I drive 80 miles per day & while I would love for that to be closer, my recent "incarceration" after surgery indicates that I would NOT love for it to be 0 miles :) Even though I spend a lot of time on the interwebs I mostly bore myself. Of course, if I were HEALTHY that might be a different story entirely...

fifthelephant said...

well, Barbara, we wouldn't have this awesome reading material then, would we? :)

Kurt said...

It has been quite a while since this post.

Marcia said...

I hope you have something nice planned for the little lady, only 7 days to go!!