Aug 25, 2011

 Distressed home owners all across the fruited plain are walking away from hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt and no one seems bothered about it.  Well, not enough to hound them for the money anyway.

Small time deadbeats don't have the same luxury.  The prospects of collecting a few hundred or thousand bucks from them are much more likely than collecting the aforementioned hundreds of thousands.  So, small-time debt collection remains a growth industry.

Stiff the mortgage company with impunity, just don't try to walk on that Verizon contract you signed.

The Sneed family is being besieged with calls from debt collectors.  On a nearly daily basis we get one call or another asking for Shawn.  Since we have a strict 'no deadbeat' policy here at Casa Sneed, it goes without saying that Shawn doesn't live here.  He merely uses our phone number for his various schemes.

I've tried to tell these folks that they have the wrong number and that I don't know anything about Shawn or his whereabouts, but it does no good, they just call back.  Even when they promise not to call anymore, they call.

For instance, when I told a caller this morning that Shawn does not live here and that I wished him to stop calling, he told me that was too bad and hung up on me.

Most of these collectors make it nearly impossible for you to call them back, so I looked up Alliance One, his company, on the internet and started calling headquarters until I reached someone.  That someone told me that my number wasn't in their system and that I was mistaken in my belief that they had called me.

Who am I supposed to believe, her or my lying ears?

But, they misunderestimate the resolve of Merle Wayne Sneed to be a pain in their ass.

The Alliance One collection company proudly boasts on their recording that they are a collector for Wells Fargo Bank and CITI Bank.  I wondered if Wells Fargo and CITI Bank knew if they were employing lying skunks.

Turning to the internets once more, I found the email addresses of a number of bank bigwigs and fired off a mass email letting them know that the Alliance One collection company is creepy.

Who, you might ask, would want to employ creepy collectors?  Not the president of Wells Fargo, that's for sure, because this very afternoon I received a call from one of his people letting me know that they would be investigating what is going on over at the Alliance One collection company.  They promise a swift resolution to this matter.

Some cynical types might think smoke is being blown up my arse, but just a few weeks ago, I used the same tactic with another collector for another bank in California and I got a follow-up call from the collector, anxious to get my number out of their system.

Now, if I could just get that little mofo Shawn to stop giving out my number.

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Megan said...

The scare tactics can sway some folks. I recently opened a joint account with my mother and then closed it. The final accounting revealed a balance owing and they duly notified me by mail. I knew I had 90 days to pay it before they sent it to collection (said so right there in the letter and I knew it anyway) and I was quietly building up the funds to pay it off before that happened. But some happy camper at the collection agency who wasn't getting any immediate satisfaction from me (do you think they get a percentage if they collect early? Must investigate that) called her up and yelled at her that if she didn't pony up RIGHT NOW it was going to GO ON HER CREDIT FOR LIKE EVER STARTING TODAY.

That shouldn't be allowed, man.

Barbara said...

Maybe you should change your telephone number or drop your land line.

Meanwhile just be glad you don't live on credit, constantly in fear of those sharks descending on you.

Sean said...


Kurt said...

Curse Sean!

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The Bug said...

We've been getting calls too for someone who used to have our number. But they're not too annoying - in fact they don't want to talk to us. It's always an automated message, whether we answer or not.

I actually work for a collection agency - for the corporate attorney, who deals with litigation arising from our collections. A lot of the allegations are untrue and specious (there are law firms who like to drum up business against big collection agencies) - but some of them aren't. And, yes, being a potential litigant will get you the right kind of attention from the corporate bigwigs.

Steve Reed said...

Good for you! My mom has a similar problem with someone named John Reed -- he apparently gave out her number, though there's no one named John in our family. People leave messages on her answering machine all the time trying to collect on John Reed's debts. I've told them to stop calling but they still call. She just screens all her calls through her Caller ID and doesn't answer if she doesn't know who's calling.