Mar 31, 2011

Some people might think that I am too hard on Some Guy Named Bob.  Perhaps I am, anything is possible when it comes to SGNB.  It is also possible that some people are full of it.

You have to understand that anything involving SGNB is an ordeal.  The man simply wears you out.

Take today for instance.

After golf today, I left my cell phone on the table at lunch.  I'm forever leaving the stupid phone somewhere.  Usually, I don't get too far before I remember it and go back to get it.

Being the last to leave, SGNB noticed the phone and took it with him. 

In the aftermath of that kind act comes the standard SGNB clusterf..., I mean ordeal.

SGNB drove from our lunch place to the hardware store looking for me. He actually asked one of the cashiers if I was working today.  Perhaps he forgot that we just had lunch 30 minutes earlier.

SGNB lives 2 blocks from me, so my house might have been the place I might try to find me.

One of my coworkers told SGNB to leave the phone with her and that she would give it to me when I came in to work on Friday.  No go.

I don't want to sound cynical (ha, ha, ha!!), but SGNB insists upon maximum credit when he does a favor.  That is just the way he is.  The poor old guy is starved for attention.

Anyway, SGNB began calling every number in my phone book, trying to find someone who might know where I was at that moment.  I guess he finally gave up, foiled at every turn.

Later in the afternoon, I ran down to the hardware store to pick up something and one of the cashiers greeted me with, "That weird little man you golf with was here.  He has your phone and he is calling all your contacts looking for you."

I called SGNB and told him I would come and get the phone, but in true SGNB fashion, he insisted upon bringing it back to the hardware store.  A few minutes later he careened into a parking spot direct in front, parking so close to the car next to him, that its driver couldn't get into the driver's door. 

I asked him why he didn't come to my house and he claimed not to be sure which house was mine.   He has my address, but simply doing the easy thing eliminates the SGNB drama.

But,  all's well that ends well.  I got the phone back and SGNB made a mountain of a mole hill...again.

Things in this blog represented to be fact, may or may not actually be true. The writer is frequently wrong, sometimes just full of it, but always judgmental and cranky


The Bug said...

He is a riot - and a menace. It really IS like watching a train wreck :)

M said...

I was sure he was going to finally throw away the phone is despair, having done EVERYTHING HE COULD IN VAIN to try to locate you... so there's your silver lining.

Bella Rum said...

I can't keep up with my phone either. I get a lot of flack for not answering it. A lot.

Kurt said...

I figure in your heart of hearts, you must like him, or you wouldn't play golf with him.

Megan said...

SGNB is a constant delight to me. Of course, he doesn't have my phone.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

i'm so glad you have sgnb in your life so he's not in mine.... as megan stated he is a constant source of delight and no one write up his antics better than thou!!