Mar 28, 2011

Mrs. Sneed and I decided to spend our swell Costco rebates this year on a couple of new high-efficiency toilets.  What can I say, it was our anniversary.  Not really.

What intrigued me about the whole process, was not the installation, which was fun in and of itself, but the last line of the features as described on the box.   Installation Required.  Really?

I'm fairly sure that no one down at the toilet factory thought the public needed reminding that simply taking the toilet out of the box and plunking it down in the family room, adds that much needed extra john.  Nope, that has lawyer written all over it.

Somewhere, someone complained that he or she didn't understand that the toilet had to actually be connected to the sewer system. 

"Junior, if all your buddies from the shop are coming over to watch the big game, we're gonna need us  an extra crapper.  Maybe you can get Willie to haul one of the portas from the ballpark.  Mini-burritos and Old Style?  Duh, we need something, Junior."

"Don't worry none, Hon, I'm gettin' one of them turlets in a box from the Costco and we can slap that sucker in the hall closet.  Best part is that on Monday, I can haul that bad boy back to Costco and get my money back."

Somewhere, someone...

Tomorrow, Bob tries to kill me.

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The Bug said...

It is a wonder to behold what people will do with their half of a brain :)

Megan said...

Three cheers for following directions, Mr. Sneed!

Bella Rum said...


Reya Mellicker said...

Merle there is no one like you.