Feb 12, 2011

You probably don't give much thought to the benefits of a natural disaster.  For that matter, you probably don't think of freezing weather as a natural disaster, either.

Here in Hooterville we are largely immune to the normal sort of natural disaster, earthquake, wildfire, flooding, that sort of thing.  But since our lives are built around hot weather, really cold turns can wreck havoc.  Such was the case last week.

Our plumbing infrastructure isn't built for cold weather.

If you happened to be a plumber or sell plumbing supplies, last week was a boon to your bottom line.  Something on the order of 20,000 Hooterville homes suffered cold-related plumbing failures.

In our little hardware store, we sold out of everything pipe-related and could have sold three times what we had in stock.  We did two weeks worth of business in three days.

More work for the lowly hardware man and more moolah for the people at the top.

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The Bug said...

I was just thinking yesterday how I've never really lived alone or had to care for my own home. My husband is a home maintenance whiz - but what will I do if he's not around? Well, I think I'll be heading to my local hardware store & bugging the lowly workers there :)

Bella Rum said...

upper 60s to low 70s coming up here this week. can't wait.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

yep, someone always benefits from disaster!

hope your fountain fared alright and the lovely jug survived the freeze!

Anonymous said...

I can finally comment on your blog again!

Megan said...

It's nice to keep busy.

Kurt said...

We don't have a hose in the yard anymore because the pipe has frozen so many times we gave up.