Feb 17, 2011

One of the interesting things that happens when you work in the hardware store is that people come in to ask advice and then argue with the answer they get.

Person:  I need something to mount shelves on my wall.
Me:  Brick or drywall?
Person:  Drywall.
Me:  Use toggle bolts.  This is how they work. (Me demonstrating).
Person:  That won't work, what else can I use?
Me:  Shelf glue.
Person:  You have that?
Me: No.  You could also use molly bolts. (Demonstrates).
Person:  No, I don't want to make holes in the wall.
Me: Uh, you can't mount the shelves without making holes.
Person:  I'll look around.
Me: Okay.

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The Bug said...

That sounds like something I would have done in college - only to have a shelf of books land on my head in the night (assuming I could get the double-sided tape to stick long enough to even get the books on there).

Kurt said...


Megan said...

I need more shelving.