Oct 9, 2010

Our Noah has joined the scouts.  He cuts quite a dashing figure.

Now on with my rant.

“One seldom discovers a true believer that is worth knowing”--H.L. Mencken

There is nothing worse to me than someone who believes that he or she has found the answer and needs to share it, especially with me.  It's worse when the good news is being shared primarily for the benefit of the sharer.

Our  neighbor has decided to start a new business.  I shall not mention the name of the company, but it is one of the major multilevel marketing outfits.

She popped over Thursday evening to invite us to a "celebration" party for her new venture.  It was last night and we chose not to go.  I hope my neighbor isn't too miffed, but that is out of my control.

"Celebration" party is multilevel-speak for a gathering to drag in other people to get involved.  No one makes money in multilevel by selling the product.  The money is made by finding suckers to work as a part of your organization.

I never mind helping out my neighbor in whatever way I can.  Fixing stuff, doing yard work, I'm there.  I resent having my friendship imposed upon in this way.  Mostly I am sorry that my neighbor would invite us to a party that is really a sales pitch.


Much of the trouble in the world is the result of someone being positive they have found the answer.--Merle Wayne Sneed.

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Barbara said...

Congratulations to the dashing Noah! May he soar like an eagle some day.

My parents got sucked into selling Amway in a big way. I don't think they ever made any money. My mother bought every product they sold, probably paying double what it would have cost elsewhere, even with her discount. She sent me lots of care packages loaded down with the stuff. At least she didn't pressure her friends to join up. I seriously doubt they ever had a "celebration party".

There are people getting wealthy at the top of a lot of these pyramids, but the little guys who do the selling don't usually make much.

The Bug said...

My parents did the melaleuca (sp?)thing. We got lots of stuff from them too. There actually were products that I missed when they stopped selling it.

My husband sold Filter Queen vacuum cleaners right after we were married (or was it before? That was too long ago). He sold exactly one - to me. He didn't like the hard sell & the fact that he was encouraged to harass family & friends to do demonstrations. He quit after he had to go to a man's house to do a demonstration. The man clearly couldn't afford it & he felt like he was exploiting him.

Kurt said...

The people I've known who have gotten sucked into those things were totally unaware it was happening to them. Go figure.

As a former Cub Scout/Webelo/Boy Scout, I salute Noah.

Annie Ha said...

I really dislike those things.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

ah noah - now i'd buy some popcorn from this dashing cub to help out; as to your rant....right on....i hate those things and are really saddened when friends/neighbors get involved - which means coming up with some excuse not hurt feelings by not attending...because basically i am easily suckered so i really really can't go to those things.

celebration, bah. humbug.

Bella Rum said...

I do love a man in uniform, and the knot tying and fire building talents are a nice bonus.

Megan said...

Sure, but I still got my Cutco + 8! Goin' strong after all these years!