Aug 9, 2010

This is a conversation I had with a ten-year-old girl the other day.  She is the granddaughter of a friend.

Hey, Merle, check out my new cell phone.  It is completely touchscreen, much better than my old one.

"Wait, you're ten and you are getting your second cell phone?  Why?"

Eyes roll, big sigh...

No, I got my first one when I was five, this is about my fifth phone.  I have people to call, that's why.

Anyone else see a problem here or am I just an old fogy?

I'm reminded of this George Burns song.  I don't know about you, but I wouldn't go back if I could.  


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The Bug said...

You know, I only use my cell phone to let Dr. M I'm on my way home from work. 3 minute conversation, once per day. And we do use a cell phone on vacation. I'm 46. I can't even imagine what a 10 year old needs with a cell phone! Of course, now I feel terribly unpopular because I don't have anyone to call :)

Barbara said...

It's almost as if this generation was born with phone in hand. I worry sometimes that kids are missing out on the simple fun we had when things weren't so complicated or technologically advanced.

Kerry said...

I don't have a cell phone because, really, I don't like talking on the phone...and OOPS...ironically...the damn land-line JUST rang as I write this, and it was somebody looking for $$. People I actually know do not call me.
A 5-year-old with a phone is insane, and a 10-year-old with a phone is almost as bad. The money people put into phones for kids could fund a small nation.

Kurt said...

18, no. But 30 sounds nice.

Megan said...

My niece likes to send text messages from her dad's phone. They look like this:


May it be that way for a long, long time.

Steve Reed said...

I hate phones.

However, the stereotype when I was young was that teens and "tweens" (they weren't called that then) always tied up the family phone line for hours. So maybe nothing has really changed, except that kids now have their own phones to tie up.

Adrianne said...

This reminds me that someday I need to write a post about how my stepkids have been allowed to use calculators in their math classes since elementary school (different topic but in the same technology-run-amok vein).