May 24, 2010

You may already know that I hate the wind. I don't mean cool breezes, tropical breezes, breezes that make sitting outside in the evening pleasant.

No, I mean the unrelenting wind that we have suffered under for the past three, that's right three, months. March is usually windy here, but it is May for cripes sake. Yesterday we had sustained winds of over 30 mph and gusts went much higher. On the other hand, we've yet to reach 100 degrees, so that's something on the plus side.

This past Tuesday, the mommies of Arizona, in concert with governmental employees at all levels, rose up and stuck us with an additional 1% sales tax. It was all for the children and their education, you see. 

It was really about keeping the burgeoning number of public employees happy and fat. 

When did public sector workers become the best paid, have the best benefits and the best pensions?

Of course the joke is on the people who voted to feed the monster. Higher taxes will mean fewer sales on which to collect the new taxes.

Man, I'm an old crank.  

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Coffee Messiah said...

We have your heat. Usually not this hot and muggy here until july/august.

Send your wind, and I'll gladly send the heat.

I remember in Ca years ago when they started the "lottery" for school funding. Huh? Oh yeah, but did it.

Of course not ; (

And so it goes.

Reya Mellicker said...

The wind gets on my last nerve, too. Hope it calms down asap.

Wanderer said...

Kinda hot here today but nice cool breezes too.

Barbara said...

It's funny the way our ideas about how to spend the public money change as we grow older. Your state is quite in the news with its new law that threatens to deport every jaywalker!

Just sit inside your wall and read a good book until the wind gets zapped by the summer heat.

Megan said...

I'm getting old and cranky, myself. Seems to me that lately the only people with money around here are people who work in the public sector.

Oh, and those who work for Southern California Edison, of course...

Kurt said...

Those damn teachers and their living wage!

Steve said...

Q: When did public sector workers become the best paid, have the best benefits and the best pensions?

A: When they developed the most powerful unions!