May 26, 2010

 Things that happen most days outside our house.

There's a woman in a gray Ford who carpools with our next door neighbor.

Every morning she arrives at 7:45 and either honks her horn if it is her week to drive or unpacks her stuff and trundles up to the house, if it isn't. I like the weeks when she doesn't hoot the horn loudly.

The birds sing.

Sometimes a Great-tailed Grackel sits on the pole and sings. Usually, she is chased off by another, only to return when the coast is clear.

Walkers pass by.

Lacey stands on her hind legs to get a look. Lacey barks to let them know she has her eye on them. So far everyone has heeded her warning.

The white-winged dove calls are easy to mistake for an owl, especially if you are a bit hard for hearing like me. I only hear the "hoo-hoo" portion of its call.

One of the caretakers from the group home at the end of the cul-de-sac drives by with a young man in the back seat. I wonder where they go every day?

Choochie, our neighbor, leaves for work before 8 and returns after 6. He says he loves working. He is an accountant and he is 73 or 74 years old. He plans to keep this up until he can't do it anymore.

I realize that it is nearly time for me to leave for the store and I reluctantly head in and get ready. I'm no Choochie.  

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The Bug said...

I leave my house between 7 & 7:30 each morning. And when I'm not working I usually sleep until 9 or so I often miss what's going on in the mornings around here. But I suspect it's not much!

Barbara said...

Sounds like a pretty busy place for being a cul-de-sac.

Maybe Choochie should develop a hobby so he realizes there is something beyond accounting.

Reya Mellicker said...

We're glad you are NOT Choochie.

Love this neighborhood portrait. Very cool.

Megan said...

Liam and I clanging out the gate every morning at 6:30 is probably the beginning of the day for several people in the apartments near the gate. :)

I have been trying to remember to always turn around and grab it and close it quietly, but I haven't fully trained myself yet...

dennis said...

Dennis looks out the window a lot. People walk by. Sometimes they are shouting into a cell phone. Mostly they are just walking though.

Kurt said...

Choochie is just glad to be alive.

Steve said...

How does it happen that a 74-year-old man comes to be named Choochie??

Bella Rum said...

Neighborhoods have a rhythm and some have a hooting horn.

The doves sound like owls to me, too.