Apr 27, 2010

Work on the colossus across the street continues.

David the mason told me yesterday that he was going to call the owners and see if they wanted him to modify it because the neighbors next door are complaining about their view being blocked. Someone (not me) is going to file a complaint with the City before this is over.

David also said that this is the tallest wall he has ever been asked to build in someone's front yard.

Oh, well.

My Kindle broke yesterday. I was reading and I push one of the buttons to navigate to a new page and the button broke into two pieces.

Luckily, it is still under the manufactures warranty, so I called Amazon to see how to get it replaced.

I explained to the guy on the phone that I pushed the button and it broke in half.

Him: "Could you have damaged it by putting something heavy on it?"

Me: "No, I was reading and it simply broke."

Him: "Are there cracks or other damage around that button that would indicate that you dropped something heavy on it?"

Me: "Are you waiting for me to admit this is my fault?"

Him: "Sir, it is under warranty, I'm just trying to figure out what happened."

Me: "It broke in half."

Wierd, eh?

Amazon is over-nighting me a replacement and it will arrive today. all's well that ends well, I guess.

Lacey the Wonder Dog checking out the neighborhood.

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The Bug said...

Well Merle you he-man - don't press the button so hard next time! Reminds me of the time I (or my brother - the memory is a little hazy) was eating oatmeal & a tooth fell out. Obviously this was when we were children & our teeth were SUPPOSED to fall out. We're not geezers yet.

Squirrel of Nyack said...

Modifying the wall sounds right to me. Open it up, lower it in spots, put in "windows" and grow some vines on it something. jeeeze. Anything that blocks sunlight / nice views bugs me!

Sorry to hear about your kindle-- I have the old original one and my husband has the newer model that you have. We're both addicted -- often i sample a book before getting it at the library or buying the actual book, so it hasn't hurt book sales or library usage in my case. I read more than ever.

tut-tut said...

What difference would it have made since it is under warranty? Interesting. However, our HD TV's picture tube, or whatever it is nowadays, quit after a month. We had a great response from the manufacturer (LG); not so much from the seller (HH Gregg). Just a tip.

Megan said...

I want a Kindle and an HDTV and a courtyard with plants and and and...

Reya Mellicker said...

I love that pic of Lacey. Check it out, girl!!

I know it would be better if I could get over my distaste for electronic books. The thing is, though, you can't break a real book. It does not have to be returned.

In certain ways I am so old fashioned.

Anonymous said...

I scrolled through two pages looking for a pic of "The Great Wall..." Damn. It is ugly.