Apr 28, 2010

Well, no work was done to the Great Wall of Our Street today. Perhaps one or more of the owners are making an emergency cross country trip to provide guidance on some much needed modifications. Or maybe it is just typical contractor didn't show up stuff.

Despite what unfounded rumors you may have read on the internets, Some Guy Named Bob (SGNB) continues to be a real person. Much too real.

So, how about a SGNB update?

Monday night The Seafood King told me that there was a good chance that he would have to beg off golf tomorrow because he has an injured back.

First thing yesterday morning SGNB left me the following message.

SGNB: Uh, this is SGNB, The Seafood King might not play Thursday, but I really want to get a game together, so call me.

I called him and told him that I would still play.

I worked yesterday so I couldn't have my cell phone turned on.

Tuesday, 2:12 pm: This is SGNB call me asap.

I called him and he inadvertently answered. I could tell he was trying to dismiss my call, but being SGNB, he hit the send button rather than the end button. I could hear kids making noise in the background, and I assumed he was at his volunteer gig.

I called The Seafood King to ask if he had canceled for sure. I figured a SGNB emergency involving me could only mean that The Seafood King had begged off.

The Seafood King: Yeah, I can't play. Are you up to ten calls yet?

Me: Almost.

Tuesday, 2:30 pm: This is SGNB calling you back, call me at the earliest chance.

Tuesday, 5:54 pm: (I'm still at work) This is SGNB, sorry I couldn't answer earlier. Call me back as soon as you can.

I called him back a bit after six and got no answer.

Tuesday, 10:32 pm: (I'm asleep) This is SGNB again, just trying to reach you. Call me first thing in the morning.

Wednesday, 7:30 am (Being a considerate human being, I was waiting until eight to call SGNB) SGNB called me.

SGNB: Okay The Seafood King is definitely not playing tomorrow, are you still on?

Me: Still yes.

Today, 5:30 pm. (I'm at work) SGNB left another message.

SGNB: It's SGNB, call me back right away.

At six when I opened my locker to get my keys and my phone, the phone rang.

SGNB: Uh, do you want to play tomorrow?

Me: I can play or not play SGNB. Whatever you want to do if okay by me.

SGNB: It is too late to cancel now.

Me: Okay, I'll see you at ten tomorrow.

6:10 PM SGNB called again.

SGNB: I might be able to cancel, let me make some calls. (How can I possibly stop him?)

Me: Whatever you want to do.

6:15 PM SGNB called back.

SGNB: I lucked out and was able to cancel afterall, so were off.

Me: Okay.

SGNB: Oh, I have a shirt for you, remember to ask me for it.

I swear I didn't make up a word of that.

Things in this blog represented to be fact, may or may not actually be true. The writer is frequently wrong, sometimes just full of it, but always judgmental and cranky


Megan said...

Waiting for Godot has absolutely nothing on this. Just sayin'.

Steve said...

High maintenance!

The Bug said...

I'm sitting here at work just laughing my head off.

"...let me make some calls. (How can I possibly stop him?)"

Oh the hilarity! Good thing my boss is at lunch.

Annie Ha said...

I can imagine the looks on your face at various points... quite entertaining I am sure!