Jul 13, 2009

I spent the day with both of my little hooligans. Bowling, lunch, Dairy Queen, the usual stuff. My failings in grandparenting included a lack of video game playing and an unwillingness to take them to play basketball at a nearby gym. Here's a tip for better living. Buying kids ice cream when it is 107 is not the best idea. I had to make an emergency stop at a convenience store to get a cup to hold a rapidly deteriorating cone. Aiden has been staying with me these past few Mondays. He goes to a school district that is year around, with short breaks from time to time. He starts the first grade next Monday. He is lucky to be in a good school district, rather than the abysmal Hooterville Unified School District (HUSD). Noah will be starting kindergarten on August 17th, I think. He will be attending a HUSD elementary school, but it is one of the good ones, on the fringe of the district. By the time he gets to middle school, his folks will have to get him out of the district, too. Things in this blog represented to be fact, may or may not actually be true. The writer is frequently wrong, sometimes just full of it, but always judgmental and cranky


Megan said...

The offspring's scholarship notice arrived, and it is 1/3 of last year's total. I'm freaking out.

mum said...

with relatives and family members about to descend on Graulhet, my blogtrotting will be severaly curtailed this summer.
Just wanted to wish you and yours the best in every regard, Merle.

I'll still drop by for a peek at the thermometer every once in awhile.


Barbara said...

It's impossible to lick fast enough with temps above 100. Maybe you should skip the cone and just ask for ice cream in a cup! It can be incredibly sticky otherwise.

Maybe I should rent someone else's grandchildren for a day. I want to clean ice cream off their hands and faces!

Kurt said...


Nan Patience said...

I used to worry about middle school for my kids, but either the district got better or I cared less and less, I'm not sure which.

Steve said...

Ice cream in summer = outdoor food

Excuse the burst of selfishess, but I am so glad I don't have to think about educating kids.