May 9, 2008

Clearing A Few Things Up

Lacey the Wonder Mutt

Friday is house cleaning day here at the Merle Wayne Sneed blog. It's time to clear up those pesky oversights, errors and downright lies that eagle-eyed readers have called me on.

A couple of days ago I mentioned that I have Fred Munster-sized feet. Reader Anonymous wondered if I meant Fred Munster or Herman Flintstone? Ha, ha, ha, that's a good one Anonymous! There are actually three competing explanations for why I made such an obvious mistake. The readers will have to decide which is the real reason.

1. I had my head up my keister.
2. I confused Herman Munster with the actor Fred Gwynne, who portrayed him on television.
3. I really meant Fred Munster, Herman's much larger, but little known brother.

Secondly, Jennifer from Texas wondered if Bill Clinton really jumped out of his limo in Gas City, Indiana and accosted Doris Frazier over a lawn sign, or did I just make it up?

Yes and no, dear Jennifer. It was really Beverly Bemis of Ft. Wayne, Indiana.

Julia, of the United States of America, left this perplexing comment.

New Balance fan here. I search for shoes online for my giant feet. I think I have it bad, but I really feel bad for drag queens.

Let me set the record straight here. I am not now nor have I ever been a drag queen. Occasionally, I will slip into a pair of Mrs. Sneed's undies for fun, but I don't leave the house in them. Lately though, I've had to cut back. She gets mighty pissed when she goes to put on her skivvies and the elastic is all stretched out.

That is all.

Things in this blog represented to be fact, may or may not actually be true. The writer is frequently wrong, sometimes just full of it, but always judgmental and cranky


Kurt said...

I have only worn women's underwear on my head.

Julia said...

You might have better luck at Kurt told me that's where he goes when he feels he deserves a splurge.

Nan Patience said...

Good grief.

Steve said...

I can't believe I didn't even notice that Fred Munster slip-up! And I thought I was such an aficionado of '60s television! :)